Reduce the risk of tennancy disputes with a new inventory.

Inventiga provide you with Inventory Reports / Schedule of Conditions that detail the condition of fixtures and fittings, doors, walls, ceilings appliances and furniture in every room and corridor of the property.


Our inventory clerk will walk the tenant through the property, and explain the inventory to them in detail. When the tenant agrees to the condition and cleanliness of the property, they are asked to sign the inventory and the keys to the property are handed over to the tenant.


Keep up to date with the condition of the property.

A mid term inspection of the property is a great way of knowing its condition and is also an effective communication tool for all parties. Our clerks are on hand to take general pictures and to provide a report outlining the cleanliness and overall condition of the property.


A check out report is carried out at the end of a tenancy.

When the tenants have moved out, a detailed report is taken of the condition, cleanliness and decoration of the property. This is compared to the original Inventory Report which was taken at the start of the tenancy. A report will be created for you with all the differences, and this can be used as a basis to give the tenants their full deposit back, or any deductions you may need to make.